♦ Motor using electric spindle machining center dedicated, the maximum speed of 24000r/min,  no transmission between aspect, high efficiency, small vibration, low noise. Long life.
♦ Water circulating cooling system.
♦ Keyhole shape plane location using profiling molding, mold can produce by MDF, convenient and efficient.
♦ Side keyhole shape with a dedicated positioning device can achieve semi-automatic milling molding.
♦ A new milling cutter tool spindle motor and electric use, better finish.
♦ The patent has applied for national patent.
♦ Patent Number:2007200246990.
Dimension 1560x1180x1420mm
Max Speed 24000r/min
Pressure Of Supply System 0.4mpa
Total power 3.7kw
Total weight 380kg


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