tm2680c membrane press machine

Specification & Features TM2680C MEMBRANE PRESSER
Paste PVC on furniture,door,speakers,cabinets relief doors, decoration panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes Wood skin is also acceptable,hot transfer
Outside Size 6000x2200x2250mm 
Table Size 2600 x1300x40 mm
Working Size
2600 x1300x40 mm  
Working Voltage 380V/50Hz
Working Speed
2~3 min/1 time
Maximum Processing Hight 80mm
Central Supply System >1 m³
Pressure Of Supply System >0.5 m³
Total Power 59.1kw
Vacuum Pump Germany Becker 70
Total Weight 12000kgs
Heater System elc heater system
Oil Pressure 10 mpa


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